Kai Thor is cooking for the Odense data centre craftsmen

Kai Thor is delivering the food for the construction site in Tietgenbyen where up to 1800 craftsmen will start the building of Odense Data Center soon.

The food will be delivered by the local catering company Kai Thor when the building of the new datacentre in Tietgenbyen starts on Monday 31st of July.

The CEO of Kai Thor, Mark Blæsbjerg, is pleased and proud that the main contractor, the International consultancy and construction company Mace, chose Kai Thor to serve the food for the next 4 to 5 years, which is the expected time of construction of the data centre.

“We are very proud and it is a huge task for us – the biggest I’ve ever been a part of actually. This is definitely a seal of approval in regards to Kai Thor and the great work everybody in the company provides every day,” Mark Blæsbjerg says:

“When the construction starts, there will be about 600 craftsmen on site, and they will need everything from coffee and hot-dished food to complete meals and meeting service. Throughout autumn, more and more craftsmen will join the construction site and at the highest attendance 1,800 craftsmen will be working there” he adds.

Since 1974, Kai Thor has delivered culinary experiences to the Danish business community, organisations and authorities and primarily deals with event catering, lunch arrangements and canteen solutions today. The CEO is confident that the company’s attitude towards gastronomic creativity, logistics, economy, quality and food waste has been taken into account on Mace’s choice.

“We have had visits from representatives of Mace in our kitchen and here they have experienced that it is real human beings, who are cooking the food with respect for the ingredients and the customer and at the same time our high-quality standards. We have previously delivered food to IKEA’s construction sites in both Odense and Aalborg, and it has certainly played a key role,” Mark Blæsbjerg continues.

At the Mayor’s office in Odense, Mayor Peter Rahbæk Juel, is very pleased about how local jobs will be created at the construction site.

“The fact that Facebook chose Odense as its home of the new data centre is by itself a seal of approval regarding the huge development our city is going through these years. The most important thing for me is, that we are able to take advantage of this opportunity to get the vacancies filled by our unemployed citizens, and therefore I am very pleased the construction is already creating local jobs outside the construction site too,” Mayor Peter Rahbæk Juel says.

Food Fyn, who’s aim is to secure jobs for Funen based food companies, is equally thrilled about the deal.

“We act as a kind of facilitator in order to help the companies of Funen, so we are of course excited that Mace has chosen a local food supplier for this exciting project. We have, among other things, established the contact between Kai Thor and Mace. It is very pleasing our matchmaking results have helped a local company to win the task,” Jesper Larfort, Business Developer at Food Fyn, says.

Kai Thor will cook most of the food in the kitchen on Rolundvej but will establish facilities and a canteen on the construction site grounds in Tietgenbyen as well. First meal will be served Monday 31st of July.

For further information: contact Mark Blæsbjerg, CEO of Kai Thor, phone +45 5120 0898

About Kai Thor

Since 1974, Kai Thor has been delivering individual culinary solutions to the Danish business community, organisations and authorities. Through constant focus on high standards of all ingredients, employees, creativity and innovation, we run everything from lunch and canteen solutions, receptions, conferences and events to large corporate parties for up to thousands of people. Today, Kai Thor engages several business areas, the largest of which is event catering and canteen solutions - we provide gourmet experiences daily where the Nordic nutrition keyhole mark and an active attitude towards food waste are combined with creativity, logistics, economy and high quality. Kai Thor is healthy and inspiring food, and our chefs constantly try to create food experiences in a new and original way.

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